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Hi All


Please help, I'm no computer buff; I have downloaded, installed (purchased too by the way) the icloud via itunes, it is present on my ipad mini, but not the macbook I originally downloaded it on, it does not show in system preferences and I can't find it anywhere other than itunes, I want to sync both devices too, but only bits are working, mostly the itunes really, but no photos, albumns, documents or anything, nothing is going to icloud from the macbook, and there is no way to access help or support or change anything as the icloud is not present in System Preferences - there should be an icon there, but nothing!!


I was advised via apple to purchase and download the os x lion and I'm half way through downloading that too (although the reveiws on the app store have me 'bricking' it a bit, as it seems to bugger up the macs according to many reviews). I am not good with the techy stuff so some advice and help would be gratefully received!


Ta muchly, Autista

MacBook Pro