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Hi Guys!


I have just recently ordered Snow Leopard from apple to upgrade my iMac to 10.6 due to my new ipod and Iphone being unable to sync with iTunes.

Now after ordering i have run into a few worries,


-the first being that i am currently running Tiger (10.4.11) and i am not aware of any back-up solutions, can you recommend any?


-Second is that i did not get iLife or iWork, what i understand it that those are applications such as iPhoto and iMovie etc. What i want to know if that if i upgrade to SL will the applications that i have  currently remain there with me being able to access them? Or do i need to back-up the applications as well? Even then will i be able to run them on SL?


-Third is that i have run into phrases such as "Clean Install", and not being used to upgrading i am not very aware of what this means, should i worry about this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)