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After years of playing Snood, w/o problems, I started getting this error message, on my iMac, OS 10.5.8,

with 4 GB of memory when opening Snood:  Not enough memory {Error # :: 0, in sound.cp@line 101


My MacBook Pro w. Mac OS 10.6.8 did not have this problem.

Initially I thought that Snood raised its minimum requirement to Mac OS 10.6.


I had several correspondences with Snood. Their tech support is great. Quick and thorough responses.

They thought the issue was in Mac's system preferences/ Sound. It was.

I didn't realize that my sound input and output devices were gone.


The fix was resetting the PRAM. I found this advice on MacFixIt.com.

MacFixIt help with volume:   http://reviews.cnet.com/8301-13727_7-10415659-263.html


Resetting the PRAM is on Apple support:   http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1379


My sound (music!) is back, along with Snood. So glad I reset the PRAM before reinstalling the OS software!


Thank you to Snood, MacFixIt and Apple.


Happy new year all!

iMac 2009, 26" (?), OS 10.5.8