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Audio preference settings continually default to minimum with Mute ticked whenever I start up.

Technical support could not help desite 30 minutes or more of trying various approaches.

The technician "proved" that it is a system issue and not an individual "user" setting that is affecting the computer.

Any ideas about what is causing the problem and how it might be fixed?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Have you tried to make yourself an administrator and locking the sound settings in position? I'm not sure if that's possible...


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    Thanks for the inquiry and feed-back.  Tech support advised me to unlock the preference dialog box when I was logged in as the administrator.  We changed the volume setting to mid-way on the scale and rebooted but the volume preferences reset to minimum volume with Mute ticked.  He also had me try what I assume is a reset of defaults on boot-up.  I held the Command/Option/P keys and operated the power on switch, then immediately held down the R key which put the computer through a different start up sequence.  Once again the volume was muted and indicated minimum when I checked.  No luck either when we created a New User account and set the volume control to mid-way as previously mentioned.  Other approaches he suggested were too involved for me to accurately relate but involved deletion of some files associated with the sound system.  No joy which is why I have sought other advice.  Thanks anyway for your interest!

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    Any time, always looking for ways to help.