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I purchased my MBP in April 2011.  It's currently running OS X 10.8.2.  I haven't done any wipe/reinstall of the OS since it was bought.  About 3 months ago, I started getting weird behavior. 


Usually, when a window in the background is clicked, it comes forward.  Lots of time, I have to click twice before the background window gets focus.


Another issue is sometimes I can't type into the Safari address bar.  I begin typing and nothing happens.  Then I click the title bar and move the Safari window.  For about a second, nothing still happens.  Then all of the sudden, the window flies over to where the mouse pointer is.  Some kind of delayed response.  At this point I can now type.  Sometimes, the window I previously had focus on is moved instead.


I don't see these issues when I log into another (basic/clean) user account on the same MBP.  I'd like to avoid a wipe/reinstall of the OS since it will take forever to get everything reinstalled and configured.  I have run Disk Utility several times.  I have done the hard (keyboard) reset (before boot up) with Apple.  None of this has helped.  Is there any cleaner software or something else I can do to avoid wipe/reinstall?


Possibly is the keyboard/trackpad failing?