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I am upgrading an older Macbook that currently has OS10.5.8 and a bootcamp partition (XP) to 10.6. On a separate drive I have a CCC image of the current drive (at root level) and a Winclone image of bootcamp. Before I can do anything I must convert the internal HD to GUID. Then the fun begins..


I would like to preserve the data in the current OS and bootcamp. Once the internal is reformatted to GUID the data will be gone, so can I then install the CCC image (and Winclone) onto the drive and then upgrade to 10.6 and port the data?


This has been a bit boloxed-- never had to repartition before I can do anything! I will take the opportunity to create 2 partitions of a size that is appropriate rather than what I originally did. It would have been nice to have done the drive in GUID originally if I had only known!


The only question is what to do next....



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)