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I am upgrading an older Macbook that currently has OS10.5.8 and a bootcamp partition (XP) to 10.6. On a separate drive I have a CCC image of the current drive (at root level) and a Winclone image of bootcamp. Before I can do anything I must convert the internal HD to GUID. Then the fun begins..


I would like to preserve the data in the current OS and bootcamp. Once the internal is reformatted to GUID the data will be gone, so can I then install the CCC image (and Winclone) onto the drive and then upgrade to 10.6 and port the data?


This has been a bit boloxed-- never had to repartition before I can do anything! I will take the opportunity to create 2 partitions of a size that is appropriate rather than what I originally did. It would have been nice to have done the drive in GUID originally if I had only known!


The only question is what to do next....



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Simplest thing to do is use CCC to make a bootable backup (not an image) onto the ext HD (separate partition), boot with it, and ensure it runs the machine. Then, reformat the HD, restore the CCC clone, and install Snow Leopard on top of it.  As for the bootcamp stuff, I can't help, since I don't do windoze.