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i have deleted my isihgt camera from pc, can you help ?

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    naidamac wrote: i have deleted my isihgt camera from pc...


    The use of the word "iSight" that I have seen associated with "pc" means the long-discontinued Apple webcam hardware that looks like this:

    isight-165.png Apple stopped selling it (external iSight) several years ago.



    (1)  Are you using a PC; i.e., not using a Mac?  Tell us what specific computer model & OS you are using.


    (2) Did you simply unplug your old iSight cam, or did you do something else such as erase the iSight driver software from the Windows® or Linux operating system software on your PC or perhaps remove your PC's Firewire expansion card?


    naidamac wrote: ... can you help ?


    Give as much info as possible.  We will offer specific suggestions based on the details in your response.



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    Mac OSX 10.8.2