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I am running Lion Server and I wanted to renew our Server Apple Push Certificate.

When I attempt to renew the certificate I get the mesage that the certificate cannot be renewed and that I have to re-create a new certificate.

According to Server App the certificate is still valid for approx. 6 weeks, but on Apple's Certificate Portal the certificates are still valid until Jul 2013.


Apart from the strange validity mismatch, does anybody know how to re-create an APN Certificate ?

Do I have to create a  new Apple ID ?


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Mac mini (Mid 2010), Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    I solved the problem.

    First, you have to revoke the certificate on Apple's Push Certificates Portal.

    Second, in Server App go to Settings and click on "Edit" on the right of "Enable Push Notifications".

    Third, click on "Change" on the right of Apple ID.

    This is confusing because "Change" implies that one has to change the Apple ID. This is not the case.

    Proceed and you will receive a new certificate from Apple.




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    That worked for me!!!!  Thanks!!!


    Kind of made me feel like I was in Windows though for a minute there with the anti-logic.

    ...but yeah..that's pretty@ssbackwards...Renew should mean "Renew". I guess it's such the world we live in.