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Why can't I get my notes to sync between my iPad 2 and my iPhone 4S, over iCloud?

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  • aThanasi Level 2 (300 points)

    Hi, we might need some more information before answering this precisely. Have you ever enabled iCloud Notes sync for your iPad 2 and/or your iPhone 4S?


    Do you have more than one Notes Accounts on your iPad2/iPhone 4S - i.e. "On my iPhone/iPad" and "iCloud"?

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    I am having the same problem as sspits.  I have a 4s and iPad 2. I have enabled the notes function on both devices and signed up for an iCloud email as prompted when I went into open up the note function under the iCloud settings. The only note accounts that I have are the note icons that came on each device.  Any help would be appreciated.

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    I have enabled the notes funtction in my iCloud settings on both my iPad and iPhone. On my iPad, in my notes app, I have an iCloud account option.  However, on my iPhone I do not have an iCloud account option in my notes app. I also turned on my notes function under my email account.  I have an email account option in my notes app on both my iPhone and iPad. When I write notes under these accounts, it syncs between the devices properly.

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    Hi sspits, did what you suggested and it works.  Thanks so much. The key was getting into my iCloud email account or the all email account  when creating the note.  Thanks again.

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    I think you cannot simultaneously sync all of your iPhone notes with both an email account and an iCloud. To double-check this, go to your iPhone's Notes app and tap on "Accounts" in the upper left corner. You should see two or more accounts there: "All Notes", "Google Mail", "On my iPhone". Bear in mind that these three are separate and you will not be able to use the iCloud in order to transfer you "On my iPhone" notes to your iPad for example. However, use this method instead in order to transfer your iPhone notes to iPad and/or the other way round.