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I bought a macbook pro retina in august. recently i had started to notice problems such as the usb ports weren't working, and my display had white mura spots. i turned it in for a repair, and they replaced the display and logic board. the display looks great, but now my macbook frequently freezes. it happens with any program, when i use safari and itunes together usually if i minimize one of the windows it will freeze. i have a few heavier programs such as sims 3 or logic pro but they don't freeze any more frequently than other programs and were installed after the freezing had already started so i don't think that's the problem. when it freezes i can't do anything but move the mouse, force quit never opens at all and i have to completely restart it. i'm using about 160 gb but still have over 80 gb available on my hard drive. my system has 16 gb ram and i have no page outs under my activity monitor. any suggestions on how to fix this? trying to avoid doing another repair because i go back to school this weekend and i don't want to be without my computer.

MacBook Pro with Retina display