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Error message says 'Cannot send message using server. Connections to the server “smtp.live.com” on the default ports timed out. Select a different outgoing mail server from the list below or click Try Later to leave the message in your Outbox until it can be sent.'

MacBook Pro
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    Hi, I have followed all of this information and I still can't send emails.  Thanks for the information.

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    What steps did you take and what did you find?

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    I followed all the steps for symptoms, resolution and Mail Setup Assistant.  All the settings are as they should be. I ran Connection Doctor and it said 'Could not connect to this SMTP server etc...'.  I have tried deleting and re-adding my email account but the problem persists.  I have contacted Apple who said the fault is not with my computer and likely to be with my Broadband provider.  My Broadband provider says there is no problem with my hub and that it must be a problem with Hotmail itself.  Hotmail said I should try Apple again as my hotmail account works fine and I am able to send emails from webmail.


    What I find odd is that when contacted to my internet hub, I cannot send emails using Apple Mail.  But say if I connect to my Personal Hotpsot and use 3G, I can send emails using Apple Mail.  Broadband provider still maintain that there is no fault at their end.


    Any ideas?

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    What messages were shown in the Details window?

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    Is your ISP BT? I am having the exact same problem and from what I can see on the BT forums is that it is only happening to people on BT and it started happening a couple days after Christmas, if this is the same as you then contact BT, they have been no help but I guess the more people that contact them with the problem the more likely they will do something.

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    Yes it is BT. I contacted them twice yesterday, via both live chat and telephone. Both people were rude, spoke over me amd wouldn't even check the things that Apple told me to ask them to check. Very unhelpful. They won't accept any fault at all.

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    Did you ever resolve your problem with sending emails whist connected to your BT router?

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    Hi, I have the excact same problem here, Can anyone help please.

    I am also on BT.

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    I definitely think it must be to do with BT. i'm not very knowledgable about technology, but at uni, where i am on virgin internet, my email was working fine. As soon as i went back to my parents', who are on BT, emails from my windows account wouldn't send. i hope someone manages to solve this!

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    I finally got this problem resolved by BT.


    I firstly had to log in to BT Yahoo using the email address I was given when I first signed up to BT as I had to verify my hotmail email address.


    I then had to go to the Apple Mail App. Select 'Mail' from the toolbar and then 'Preferences'.

    Open the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) drop down list and select 'Edit SMTP Server List'.

    Select the + sign to add a new server. The server name I was told to use is smtp.mail.yahoo.com.  I believe the description can be anything but I've labelled this server as btinternet.com.  Press okay and the window will close. Select this new server as the outgoing server.


    After all that, my email now works.  Hope this is of some help.