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I was just using my iPhone 5 and then i put it in my backpack. When i took it out after an hour, the screen had vertical stripes in it and with the apple logo in the middle. It stays with the black background and the stripes. Any help?




iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    I purchased my iphone 5 last Thursday not even a week ago and today i got the very same vertical stripes and then the entire screen goes stripey and green. I brought it back to the store this evening and was queried as to whether it was dropped or near water and it honestly wasnt and is the very same as your screen shot. I have insurance however i fly to Australia on Sunday one of the reasons for buying the phone so i do not have 5-10 working days to wait for it to be looked at. Any suggestions? Is this a known fault as its very strange that it is the very same as user ilsoony. Any help would be really appreciated as im very disappointed that something like this can happen within 5 days