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HDMI port is not functional.  Can I use YPbPr2 port ?
Where can I by cable / parts ?


AppleTV 2, Windows XP
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    Some users with DVI have managed to get their TV's to work with DVI-HDMI cables. DVI carries no audio, so alternative connections need to be explored to enable audio. DVI doesn't necessarily support HDCP as well as other standards used by HDMI (which may or may not be an issue)


    There are hardware converters that will convert HDMI to various other types of output, however there are some issues with doing so that you should be aware of.


    HDCP compliant converters will not allow you to watch HDCP protected content such as that from the iTunes Store. Non compliant converters exist but we cannot discuss them under the Terms of Use for these communities.

    Resolution and aspect ratio

    I'm not aware of any converters that will scale the output from the Apple TV, any TV or projector which is used will need to be widescreen and support resolutions of 720p (Apple TV 2), 720p/1080p (Apple TV 3)


    DAC (Example Only - Not a recommendation or suggestion that this is suitable in your circumstances)