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I'm trying to use my USB microphone to record voice over in FCP X 10.0.7. I have a new MBP RD with 750GB SSD and 16GB Ram and Lion 10.7.5. Every time I record a voice over throught FCP X, I get a severe crackling noise in my recordings that makes the audio unsuable. So, I thought the problem was a defective microphone and I bought a new one (different model) only to realize the same problem persists! So, I decided to see if the problem was with FCPX vs. my microphone and I realized that if I do the audiorecording with the Quicktime program in my computer then the audio is clean! But if I do it through FCPX then the audio is crackling like crazy! This makes the record audio button for voiceovers in FCP totally ususable for me. I do a lot of voiceovers for my educational videos and this is a critical feature I can't bypass. I can't record in Quictime either. I want to be able to record audio while I'm watching the edit live in order to add it to it. I've tried recording with or without the video running and it's the same problem. Please help me!!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.5)