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I have an older iPod (15GB) and have successfully downloaded music from my Dad's old G4 (from his iTunes on that computer) and would now like to download my music from MY iTunes account on my PC. How can I do this? The iPod will connect,  but is not "formatted" for pc??

MacBook, desktop is Windows XP Pro
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    You should transfer all the content from your dad's old G4 to itunes on your laptop


    here is a link to how to transfer music between computers.




    Although just copying to a USB stick and then importing into your windows PC will probably work


    Then connect the iPod to your laptop computer and it will prompt you to Erase and sync which is fine. The sync the content you want onto the iPod.


    iPod are ios based and are not formatted for Mac or windows

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    Not sure that my question has been understood. I'll try again.

    When I open up "my widows created iTune account" I see "shared" music from my Dad's iTune account. I don't even know how this got onto my desktop,  but it is there.  When I open up Dad's iTune account on his G4 it only shows his music. I was thinking that there should be some way for me to get my iTunes music to show up on his computer as "shared" music. Then I was hoping that his G4 would automatically add my music to the iPod.

    Haven't been able to make it happen.

    So I downloaded all my my iTunes music to an external usb drive and was hoping to be able to transfer it to the iTunes account on the G4. But I haven't been able to figure that out either. Got the music on the drive,  and the drive shows up on the G4,  but how to get it into iTunes is beyond me.

    Shouldn't this be easy?