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Hey all,


Looking for some advice here. I use all Apple products for both home and work, and I'm struggling with declaring one computer the official sync station.


Here's an example of my dilemma, using iPhoto as an example (iTunes is also an issue).


How do I download personal photos to my pesonal iMac and sync them with my work iPad, while still syncing my work iPad to my work MacBook Pro?

Or, how do I manage my personal iPhone with my work MacBook Pro while still using my personal iMac as its primary sync / backup?


Here are my products, their "owner," and their respective software and operating systems:



Olympus PEN E-P3

iPhone 4 (iOS 6), 16GB

iPad Mini (iOS 6), 32GB

15" Macbook Pro laptop (10.7.5 OS, 2010 model) 

iMac desktop (10.8.4 OS, late 2009 model)


software / services

work MacBook: iPhoto '09, DropBox (80GB available)

personal iMac: iPhoto '11, DropBox (80GB available), Flickr Pro




I mention the Olympus because I shoot in .orf RAW format and can't currently view those on work iPhoto. Should I switch to Apeture?

Or should I just pay the $15 and upgrade my MacBook Pro to iPhoto 11? I could view the RAW files, then activate photostream and have access to iPhone photos at work while still keeping iPhone synced primarily with my personal iMac.

Or should I abort mission on iPhoto altogether and embrace Picasa?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5)