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Where can I find the battery serial number? is it that possible? so I can compare it with the ones I have in the original box.

After a week they gave me the macbook, the battery started to expand and now I can't even put it again in the computer! They told me that it was not their problem but I want to be sure that they didn't change it and gave me a damaged one.


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    First, if the battery has begun to expand, do NOT attempt to put it back in the computer. It can interfere with normal operation of the keyboard and trackpad, and in extreme cases damage the computer.


    Batteries generally only start to expand after they have aged quite a bit. If it were new this would be very unlikely. Also, if they replaced that battery they would have charged you for a replacement, as batteries are considered consumable items generally not covered by warranty under normal use.


    Best suggestion is to just go buy a new battery.


    Best of luck.

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    Thanks! My computer is 2 years old, the battery was perfect until I took it to the Mac store. I took it there to add more RAM, when I got back home I noticed sth strange with the battery. Then, after a week I couldn't put it in again. That's why it is sth suspicious

    Do I have any way to check if they have changed it?

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    I believe the batteries do have individual serial numbers, but unless you noted the serial number of the old battery I do not know how you could compare the two.


    Did you ask them if they changed it? I can't imagine why they would do such a thing without telling you.

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    Oh, I thought I could check the serial number in the original box, may be.

    I think may be they changed it because its very strange what happened with it

    Anyway, thanks!