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j232 Level 1 Level 1

Logic has no decent jazz brushes in there drum loops!! What to do???

Logic Pro
  • Kamble Level 1 Level 1

    Hi j232..for interfacing drum i would suggest Superior drummer 2.0. It has all the loops u want plus it keeps getting the expansion packs (i mean u have to buy it )which are genre based so as of now it has everything from vintage kits to new age. Also it says on the site(toontrack.com) that its tested with logic.


    I used it in mixcraft on my PC. and it was very easy, real and satisfying for me. Ordered it now for my new mac to interface with logic pro.


    hope that helps


  • kcstudio Level 4 Level 4

    Nothing beats a good human drummer when it comes to producing subtleties! But after that, Superior Drummer would definitely be an excellent choice!