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I've looked everywhere for an answer, hopefully you fellow MacHeads can help!
All of a sudden, without making any changes to our computers or network setup, Airport Express is really slowing down our Internet. A few facts... we run two iBooks and get our Internet (Comcast cable) through our Airport Express. When I plug the cable modem directly into my iBook ethernet, I get a fast connection (about 6 M), but when browsing through the wireless connection on both iBooks, it slows down to about 200K. We don't have any cordless phones or other networks interfering (I used iStumbler to search for other nearby nets). I double checked the settings in the Airport Admin Utility, and even ran the Internet setup a few times. I have the latest firmware on the AE (ver 6.3). I don't see any place where I can further tweak the settings. I have retarted the AE and the cable modem a million times.
What now? Do I need to replace a defective AE? I really need to be able to use the Net wirelessly and MUST share the connection with the wife's iBook at the same time. What would cause the AE Internet connection to go to crummy all of a sudden?

iBook 14 G4, Mac OS X (10.4.6)
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    I would still try changing the channel of the base station to see if performance improves. Not all of the sources of interference are readily evident, your neighbor may be using a closed network, which iStumbler would not detect.
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    Well, that didn't work either, but thanks anyway...
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    The same thing you describe has happened to my network. I also have comcast. I've tried everything I can think of to find the problem. If you find a solution, please let me know the fix and I will do the same. My email is johnmharrell@comcast.net
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    Resetting the Express to factory default may be the next step. Be sure that you have all the needed info written down before doing so. My Express suddenly got very slow for no apparent reason, but a reset got it working again just fine. The procedure should be easy to find within Airport Help. Good luck.
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    I am having a similar problem. My ISP is Qwest with MSN. My IMac G5 is in my office with the Airport Express. Every now and again while surfing the net, the G5 will get locked up or move super slow. So what I do is reach down below my desk, and restart the Airport via the surge protector. It takes several seconds but finally the steady green light comes back on, signifying Airport is once again operational. And the computer once again surfs and moves quickly. This gets old, however, restarting Airport. Funny, but when I use my i-book laptop out at the kitchen table, via the wi-fi, it never slows or bogs down, even though it is in theory a slower computer. Appreciate any help on this.
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    I have just the same problem.

    My, just bought, Intel Mac Mini has a very slow connection, but my aging iBook G3 has a blazingly fast connection. Both over an airless connection with Airport Express. And I think the ISP has nothing to do because here, in Spain, we have just different ISPs than in USA.

    I'm doing some tests and i think the problem has to do with computers using 802.11g (54 Mbits). My iBook and my PC have old 802.11b cards (11 MBits) and both go very well.

    I have tried to set the Airport Express base to 802.11b but the problem remains. Do anyone knows how to force the Airport Card on the Mac Mini to go with 802.11b (without resorting to set that on the base)?


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    Did you ever solve this problem or hear of a solution?

    ibook G3   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  
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    As a matter of fact... I recently moved my cable modem quite a ways away from where the Airport is plugged in, and it has helped greatly.