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I've looked everywhere for an answer, hopefully you fellow MacHeads can help!
All of a sudden, without making any changes to our computers or network setup, Airport Express is really slowing down our Internet. A few facts... we run two iBooks and get our Internet (Comcast cable) through our Airport Express. When I plug the cable modem directly into my iBook ethernet, I get a fast connection (about 6 M), but when browsing through the wireless connection on both iBooks, it slows down to about 200K. We don't have any cordless phones or other networks interfering (I used iStumbler to search for other nearby nets). I double checked the settings in the Airport Admin Utility, and even ran the Internet setup a few times. I have the latest firmware on the AE (ver 6.3). I don't see any place where I can further tweak the settings. I have retarted the AE and the cable modem a million times.
What now? Do I need to replace a defective AE? I really need to be able to use the Net wirelessly and MUST share the connection with the wife's iBook at the same time. What would cause the AE Internet connection to go to crummy all of a sudden?

iBook 14 G4, Mac OS X (10.4.6)