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    Movies* not lives

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    Basically, if you didnt purchase the movie through itunes it wont show on your apple tv itself. I have added movies with the digital download code and they show up if they want to. Everything I purchase through itunes always shows up. Anything else is iffy. Apple will be no help.

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    Half of my other movies are from codes for digital copies from blu ray discs. Only three movies do not show up. All of my Harry Potter movies show up and they were downloaded with a redemption code from the blu ray discs. Same with Thor, The Avengers and a few other. The missing movies are still available for download in the iTunes store, so them not being availible in the store isn't the reason they're missing. As recently as a couple weeks ago the movies showed up on my apple tv, now they don't.

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    I have the same issue with "House at the end of the street". It was there for a couple days then bam gone. It has never come back. If i look at my past purchase history its there. But not available for download again from the cloud and doesnt show up in my Apple TV or Itunes on my Macbook.

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    I played around a bit looking for the movies and ended up finding out why they were missing from my apple tv. I viewed my itunes account within itunes and there was an item that said "3 items hidden". I clicked on it and there were my missing movies. I clicked on the "unhide" button then accessed my purchased movies on my apple tv and now they show up. No idea how or why they suddenly became hidden. I didn't even know there an option to do that.

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    Glad yours worked out unfortuantely mine is not listed there . Oh well guess I just dont have it anymore.

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    This did the trick for me.  I downloaded the digital copy (using the code that came with the blu ray) of Expendables 2, several months ago.  I've had it on my iPad since the day I downloaded it, but somehow it disappeared from iTunes on my computer and it wasn't in my movies list on my Apple TV.


    I went to my account, and in the "iTunes in the Cloud" section, there was an option to manage hidden movies, music, etc.  Clicked "manage" and, lo and behold, Expendables 2 was listed as a hidden movie.  Clicked the "unhide" button and, voila, it showed up in iTunes and on Apple TV.


    Thanks for the suggestion!!

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    Scs116 THANK YOU!!!  I was unable to unhide my missing movie.  I had no idea that was there either.

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    not sure if your problem is solved,but If there movies from dvd or blue ray try checking the options on the movie info and check the "media kind" it took me a while to figure this out myself. i know this thread was a while ago, hope this helps.

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    I had this problem a lot - i was ripping movies and adding to iTunes - and they defaulted into HOME MOVIES - so if you look in that folder, you may see the rest.  Not sure how to change default to MOVIES but it drove me nuts until I finally found all of the missing ones.

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    Yeah...I don't get it. A new version of iTunes suddenly decided that about 40% of my movies were "Home Movies."  I thought I had lost them when I upgraded to Apple TV software v6 and didn't see them in the "Movies" category.  Also, genre's don't show up in Home Movies so it looks pretty darn worthless to me and definitely not a feature because I could already designate a genre as a "Home Video" (which I did).  Duh!


    I NEVER EVER categorized movies as "Home Videos" and I really resent a software upgrade making a really stupid and wrong assumption.  So I changed them back to "Movies" and I guess from now on whenever I add something to iTunes I'll have check that setting as well.  And just changing one small piece of metadata in a video file  requires the ENTIRE FILE to be backed up when you always back up any changes.  That's going to be about 8 hours (USB 2.0).  Thanks...really appreciate iTunes messing with my settings (NOT).


    Thankfully, I didn't upgrade to the version 6 for Apple TV until after the original update was pulled and replaced with one that worked.


    Not happy.

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    This fixed my missing movies issue on Apple TV too.  Fix:  Select all movies in iTunes that are not showing on AppleTV, then type CMD-I to "get info" on all at once (click ok to warning about multiple-object editing), then click on Options tab and change Media Kind from "Home movie" to "Movie."  Check your AppleTV and those you selected for change are back in the Movies list.

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