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I am currently on my second cable, after the first one stopped allowing me to sync to my laptop.  The second is worst than the first in that it began having problems only hours after I removed it from the packaging.  I thought I may be at fault for the first one, since I do recall pinching the cable in a drawer, possiby breaking a wire; however, the one I bought recently, only taking it out of the package and connecting it to my iPhone and laptop, began dropping the connection just sitting there for a few hours.  It will connect and sync just fine for a minute, but shortly after it begins dropping the connection then appearing again ad nauseum.  Both cables continue to charge, but the data connection isn't reliable at all.  How can I go about receiving a replacement without buying a new one until I find one that works?


Since I'm sure someone will ask, I have iTunes and iOS 6.0.2.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    It has now been a month with no response, and the cable has stopped working entirely.  This cable hasn't left the room where I opened it, just over a month ago, until just a moment ago when I plugged it into a different wall charger, thinking the OEM charger may had failed.  The charger is fine, as my Android phone charges without an issue while plugged into it.  All I ask is for a cable that works for more than a few weeks.  I have the original 30-pin cable that came with my Gen 2 Nano ffrom 2006, and it still operates flawlessly.  I have yet to find a Lightning cable that lasts even 2% (and continually decreasing) of the life of my 30-pin cable, yet it is touted to be an improvement over the latter..


    Will someone from Apple please contact me with a proposed solution?

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    aCanMan - I am having a similar if not the same problem.  Between me and my wife we have 6 lightning cables, the two that came with the phone and others that I bought to leave in the car and in the office.  3 of the wires will only work when plugged into the phone one way, the other 3 work as they should.  I have seen your posting and several other postings that I believe point to defective lightning cables - yet as you I have not been able to find a response.  Have you been able to solve your problem?  Thanks!

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    I bought a Belkin cable and haven't had a problem.  It's built a little more stout.

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    Will someone from Apple please contact me with a proposed solution?

    Never going to happen there is no Apple presence on this Forum just other users

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    I have replaced 3 cables for my wife's phone by going to an Apple store since it is under warranty. All the cables have gotten damaged right above the plastic protective sleeve near the lightning plug. One time I can see where it was my wife's fault but the others... Now Apple is saying she needs to change her behaviour to stop damaging the cable. I have original 30 pin cables that work perfectly after years. Anything that goes wrong with an Apple product is never their fault, it has to be the consumer. I'd like to find the Belkin cable as a backup.