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In November I had a hard drive crash that somehow also ruined my primary backup drive. Before the crash I was running Lion, now I'm back to running Snow Leopard.


I had to copy a lot of my files and such from an older backup, made when I was still running Tiger.


The problem is, iMovie refuses to display anything in the Photos or Sounds. It apparently no longer recognizes the iPhoto or iTunes libraries.


So I have reinstalled iMovie 08, iPhoto 08, iDVD 08, and iTunes 10.6.3. I trashed all the older versions of those apps and any associated files I could find (prefs, libraries, etc). I created a new library of photos and a new iTunes music library, since these were easy to replace. The only things I kept were my iMovie Events and iMovie Projects.


But iMovie still won't let me add any photos or sounds. It won't even show me the sound effects that came with iLife. (I checked, these sound effects ARE in the Library/Audio/Apple Loops/Apple/ folder, where they were installed.)



So I'm stumped. How can I get iMovie to recognize or load, photos and sounds? This was never a problem prior to the hard drive crash.

iWeb '08, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    One thing just occurred to me -- all my files are located within the "home" folder, which is currently labeled "temp". Prior to the crash, this folder was labeled "Home" (if I remember correctly.) Could that have anything to do with it? I don't see how it could, since I've reinstalled all the apps, but I figured I should at least mention it and make sure.

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    I just found out that I have the same problem with iDVD 08 - it won't show any photos, music or movies in the Media pane.


    I really need to solve this problem! I can't use iMovie if it won't let me add photos or music. And if I can't even add movies to iDVD, it's completely useless!


    Please help!

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    No one has any suggestions on this problem yet?