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I am having an issue with my macbook pro. A flashing folder with question mark appears.

  • Unfortunately i do not have the installation discs anymore
  • I have tried booting in safe mode - didn't work
  • I have done the PRAM reset - didn't work
  • When i hold the option key while starting up, i get s grey screen with arrow pointer but nothing else
  • After the folder with question mark has been flashing for a little while - the computer shuts itself down
  • I did boot my machine while holding the T key and I can see the big firewire icon (does that mean i will be able to retrieve contents of HD via another mac?)
  • I have tried basically all the options described in the main related thread and nothing worked


Can anyone help, I am a bit desparate as i need my laptop to work on projects.

many thanks in advance!

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)