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When i first got my iphone 4 i made an Apple ID. And when you make your Apple ID it automatically makes you an iCloud using your Apple ID. Well my Apple ID has been disabled so i thought it'll be easier to just make a new apple id so i did but the old iCloud associated with my disabled Apple ID account is still on my phone and idk how to sign out or make a new one to match the new Apple ID i have. there is an delete account option but when i click it a message saying, "if you delete your account, all documents stored in iCloud will be deletedfrom this iphone" does that mean that everything that i backed up to that iCloud account will be deleted?? (things like photos, apps, contacts) And if it does mean that everything will be deleted, is there a way i can like undo the backed up information so thats it doesnt get deleted??? i'm not good with this kind of stuff so i really need help! please, and thank you! (:

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