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Guys, need help my battery started draining fast on 6.0.2 any fix.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2, Draining on 6.0.2
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    I don't think there is any known fixes which will work on every iPhone5. I am hoping Apple support will step-in and provide guidance here in terms of software fix vs hardware .

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    Need help with this matter no battery life left after 3 hours

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    Someone please clear up the battery issue.  We have two iPhone 5's in this house, one battery lasts 1.5 days on a charge with lots of use, the other lasts 3 hours with zero use. The phone with the properly working battery has everything turned on (push notifications, GPS, ect), the phone with a battery issue has lots of these functions turned off. This is not an acceptable fix, as we upgraded the phone to have these functions available, and it doesn't seem to make a difference.  Is apple willing to trade the phone out, or resolve this issue?

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    Tried to get this solved this week and the response has been laughable. My phone was perfect pre 6.0.2 update. Here's what happened since yesterday:


    Called Apple yesterday morning. Explained that I know how lithium batteries worked and to close apps when not using, etc. Phone rep recommended restoring to factory and going from there. Tried that, didn't work, went to Verizon (much closer to my home than Apple store). They agreed that this is a problem they are seeing, but since I bought my phone through Apple I'd have to go to them for a new phone.


    Went to the Apple Store today. I have had Apple products for almost ten years and have always been impressed with their customer service. Until now. I explained the situation (that my phone would get between 12-15 hours battery life every day for the two months I owned it, until the 6.0.2 update), that I had spoken to an Apple rep over the phone, and that I need a new phone. Here's what she told me, roughly in order:


    -"4 hours of battery power is about normal for an iphone. Your time was exceptional and you should not expect to have that with the phone" ...yes, I should, I had it for two months. Nothing has changed since the software update.


    -"All iphone users have to deal with this, that's why we buy car chargers". No. They don't.


    -"You probably are going to places where the service is bad so its constantly searching a signal" Again, no I'm not.


    -"It's normal for your charge to drop from 100% to 70% overnight without use"


    -"The reason you're having probelms is because you tried to restore from a backup" I told her that I did this because an Apple rep told me to on the phone, AFTER I had already been experience the problem. "Oh, well that person must be new because they don't know what they're talking about".


    -"No one else is having this problem, you just need to adjust your expectations, you shouldnt have had the battery life you used to, expect a four hour battery life" There are pages and pages of links if you google this problem. Everyone says its the operating system "It's not"


    -Okay, then it's my  phone, so replace my phone "You're battery is fine, its a sofware problem" So it's the operating system, which is what I've been telling you. "No, it's not that".


    It ended with her restoring my phone to factory in the store, which didn't work, again. When she left to go help someone else the rep next to her told me that this is a known issue, and Apple is working on it, and the woman I spoke to neglected to tell me that when she should have. So at least one person working there tonight acknowledged that four hours of battery life is not normal and it is an acknowledged issue.


    This is a big, big problem though - I like having a nice phone that can do all of these things, but I NEED a phone that will have a battery life of a full work day, especially since I don't even use the phone 7-8 hours a day.

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    I sure hope Apple is working on this. I know several people with this issue. My iPhone 5 - unused - won't even last the night. Crazy. During the day, it dies by noon. This just started happening out of the blue. Before that it would last close to a full day. These devices cost too much money for this to be happening. Please Apple...we need a fix for this!

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    -Called Apple again, told this applecare rep the whole story, they gave me a new phone. But I had to go back to the Apple store to get it and waited for an hour. That said, both on the phone and in store the customer service was better, and this time the store rep admitted to me that this is a problem they don't quite have a handle on yet and my new phone may have it as well. At least there was some honesty.

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    My iphone 5 will barely make it to noon with our is too hot to carry in my pocket.....

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    iPhone 5 fully charged over night.  Unplugged at 9am at 100%.  It was under 20% by 1:30 with zero phone calls made (or received) and very limited browsing over wifi.  Unacceptable! APPLE!  What's the deal?

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    I'm havng the same issue with battery life after the 6.0.2 update.  Everything was great prior to the update.  I had excellent battery life now it drains within a few hours with minimal use! 

    We need a fix ASAP!

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    Look guys, im from Brazil, and im having exactlly the same issue with my battery. Funny part, is that my brother bought together with me, made the update to the 6.02 at the same time, and his battery is working 100%.

    My battery is being fully charged during the night, unplugged at 8:30, by noon, was on 45%-50%, and now, by 6pm already gone. I had a conversation with local apple support (only by phone), and i was recomended, to restore the iphone, directlly from Itunes, explaining to me, that this battery issue, may be caused by a problem during any type of the updated ios 6.02 installation.

    But for tell you guys, im really concerned about this, we really nedd to obtain an explanation from APPLE SUPPORT in this discussion.

    Come on apple, what's the real matter?

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    Looks like Apple are trying to stop us from complaining about this question, I see that this thread is locked:



    Same here by the way, nice new iPhone 5 with 6.0.2 and the battery lasts three hours. What a piece of junk. I am off to buy a case with an extra battery in it but Apple had better fix this soon. In the summer I am going to get an Android phone where you can change the battery..

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    First iPhone 5 flat in 6hrs.  Back to store. New iPhone 5 and advice. Turned off most things inc location.  Today from 100% to 1% in three hours. Hot enough to toast at breakfast. Apple solution at Apple store useless.  Sell your Apple shares now.

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    I am currently an owner of an Ipod Touch 4th generation. I see you are having problems with your Ipod Touch/Ipad/Iphone/Ipod Classic, so I will try to find a solution to your problem.


    • I know a solution that works (from Sbailey4, it works for me. This is what he/she said:
    1. Update to IOS 6.0.1 (or any IOS Update)
    3. Use it until it automatically shuts off
    4. Plug into charge
    5. Let it charge for 1.5 hours or longer until 100% charged, undisturbed (probably overnight)
    6. Give it a few days to Calibrate itself.
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    Now happy iPhone 5 user after much distress. Used all previous fixes including new iPhone from Apple store which did not fix problem for more than 3 days.


    First solution I used was "Turn off Cellular" and turn on when needing email etc.  Also switched email address book to manual. 


    Updated to 6.1  Did not help initially but after multiple updates from App Store problem went away.  Presumably the apps using cellular data overtime have been fixed.


    Therefore  Update to 6.1  then update all your Apps. This has fixed my battery life which is now 24hrs.

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