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why do i have to order a hard copy of Snow Leopard which takes 3 weeks to deliver and is not available in store?

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    OS X 10.6 was never available in a downloadable format, only on DVD.  Apple normally pulls an "old" operating system from the stores when a new one comes out, and there have been two newer versions of the operating system since OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. If you need it quicker, you can pay for quicker delivery.

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    Why was OSX 10.6 never available in downloadable form? (i do think the pay more to get it quicker option is an insult when i already have to fork out £4 just to get it delivered in a staggeringly slow 3 weeks.)

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    We're users here, like you, so don't have insights into the hows and whys about product availability. An educated guess would be that in 2009 when OS X 10.6 came out, the downloadable infrastructure and practice wasn't in place.

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    thanks for the info BGreg, am aware you are users not Apple reps, apologies if the tone of my comments came across that way. I just thought i'd throw that one in and see if anyone had an idea (which you do, which is a good point). I accept i may be the very last mac user on earth to upgrade from 10.5.8, so guess a 3 week wait for someone to dig out and dust off an old copy is my punishment for that

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    You won't be the last by a long way! My partner's still happy with 10.5.8 and there are applications on there that break in 10.6.x (tried them on mine).

    Leopard has a good bit of life left in it yet.


    As for the shipping time, when they first withdrew it from the stores it was only available via phone sales and the delivery time was 3-4 days. The fact that that it's now out to 3 weeks attests to the demand there's been for it. Far from dusting off old copies, they're having to burn new ones.


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