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Is it possible for me to downgrade an OS X version after upgrading it?


I have a MacBook Pro with Snow Leopard on it. This laptop is provided to me by my office, but is mostly used at my disposal. I wanted to upgrade it to Mountain Lion, of course I'll have to purchase it from App Store on my own as well.


I'm thinking that when (if) I leave my job, I'd want to downgrade the OS X back to Snow Leopard and apply the Mountain Lion upgrade on my next mac whenever I get it.


Is it possible?


Faraz Azhar

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    You can delete the Mountain Lion completely and erase the drive and reinstall SnowLeopard from the SL install disks that you used initially, yes this is possible.


    However Mountain Lion cannot be carried over to another computer. It is a new form of ownership or lease, where the installation is for one machine only and not transferrable. With a new machine you need to buy a new copy / license of Mountain Lion though these days such a purchase is cheap, a mere $20.


    To the essence of your question, yes you can downgrade back to what it was.

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    Hmm.. that's sad. I don't wanna leave behind my ML to my office that isn't providing me a $20 licence for it.

    Beside I don't have the installation disks as well because I just got the laptop from office, everything else is kept by the IT department, for security purpose I guess.



    Thanks anyway. I guess I'll stick to SL for now.


    Faraz Azhar

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    As you probably realise there are no disks for MLion, just an internet connection and specific download. In my opinion the Snow Leopard DVD also for $20, is a bargain worth obtaining.


    With you, I think sticking with SL is the way to go.




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    I'm basically a Windows veteran. Is it legit to get a SL DVD from someone and use it on my laptop for fresh reinstall? Btw I'm not sure if the licence key is written anywhere on this computer.. on the back side maybe?

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    Is it legit to get a SL DVD from someone and use it on my laptop for fresh reinstall?

    Yes, in fact you can buy your own copy for $20 from the Apple online store, example shown below.


    It is a 10.6.3 DVD ordered online and sent by post, not a download.

    Other countries have the same stock available.