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The new iTunes has appeared on my desktop where I have my main music library. I am finding it impossible to search for compilation albums. It will only offer a single track from the album. Basically a large proportion of my library is inaccessible. Is it possible to revert to the old iTunes?

desktop, Windows XP
  • polydorus Level 6 Level 6

    You can revert to iTunes 10 if you want to.

    Download it from here:


    Uninstall iTunes 11 and then install iTunes 11.

    You will need to recover the iTunes 10 library file from backup using the following method about something else.




    This will be the library as it was when you updated. If you have added stuff since then you can try something like iTunes folder watch to update it.


  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9

    iTunes 11 has a new search feature that is enabled by default. Whereas the old function narrowed down the list of tracks displayed in the main window the new feature generates a seperate results window from which you can select Albums, Artists or Songs to either play immediately via the new Up Next feature or add to any of your playlists. While it might be possible to get used to the new version for playback, the original behaviour is both familiar and more useful for library management tasks. Thankfully you can restore the old behaviour by clicking the search magnifying glass and unticking the label Search Entire Library.


    New search behaviour




    Old search behaviour




    You may also find it helps to restore the menu bar with ctrl-b and enable the side bar with ctrl-s. The same shortcuts will hide these features again. There is also a status bar that can be enabled with ctrl-/ but it seems a bug prevents it being turned off again under Window XP.


    iTunes 11 with side, menu & status bars enabled




    If you still want to roll back to iTunes 10.7 first download a copy of the installer from here, uninstall iTunes and suppporting software, i.e. Apple Application Support & Apple Mobile Device Support. Reboot. Restore the pre-upgrade version of your library database as per the diagram below, then install iTunes 10.7.





    See iTunes Folder Watch for a tool to scan the media folder and catch up with any changes made since the backup file was created.


    If you don't already do so I would also advise you backup the whole library on a regular basis.



  • nicolafromcaldicot Level 1 Level 1

    Does the person(s) who designed this version not like or listen to music on a regular basis?


    My major bug is that I HATE the fact that when in "song" view I can only see the artwork of the song currently playing (in postage stamp size) and can't see artwork for 'selected' songs. I don't appreciate having to open the artwork in a seperate player window to see it any larger.


    I used to love browsing this way and feel BETRAYED! I can totally understand the sentiment behind the 'Cover Flow' argument, for this reason.


    I have really enjoyed using itunes for 6 years now. They have always stuck to the same formula with their updates and only really made "improvements" to the browsing experience. Something has changed in the last year or so that makes me think I'm perhaps not considered quite so much! A new customer ethos maybe?


    So why make such sweeping changes? itunes is primarily used by existing customers who have ALREADY purchased a product (or many products in my case), isn't it? Surely ones they wish to retain? Was there a mass outcry from everyone for itunes to be changed? I DON'T THINK SO!!


    Thanks for listening to your existing and (once) loyal customers Apple. Perhaps you'll find that they will start listening to you in the same way and make some drastic changes of their own too!!

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    I've been using iTunes since it first came out (and Apple products since 1983) and I am also very frustrated! Thank goodness I read the reviews of iPhoto and dodged that update! My default position with Apple now is to avoid all updates and upgrades unless I absolutely have to since I have lost much of my faith in the good sense of whoever is in charge of this business.


    Anyway, I want to get back the column view on ITunes, ditching the artwork, for regular library management. What is deeply frustrating is that I can see the column browser under View, but it is grayed out and won't respond.

  • turingtest2 Level 9 Level 9

    The column browser can only be enabled in the Songs or List views, and it only runs horizontally. You may want to enable Edit > Preferences > General > Show list views for all media.


    This image shows a single artist's songs listed alphabetically in iTunes 11.