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I`m dragging selected photos from an album in iphoto via the media browser in FCPX to the event icon, the beachball spins for a minute, 272 photos, then stops and checking the event folder and browser, nothing appears to be imported, what must I do to get the photos from the media browser/iphoto into an event folder?

MacBook Pro with Retina display, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 2.3Ghz, i7, 16GB ram, 256GB flash
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    This is what I do, when I import stills, via iPhoto into FCPX. I click on the Camera icon, find the photos, from iPhoto, click on all the images to import and click on import. I at times drag the images onto the time line.

    Also you can set the time to view, from 1 frame to how longer you want to view it.


    Hope the info. helps.

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    thanks for trying but not yet,

    I open the photos browser in fcpx, and select some photos from one of my iphoto albums.

    I drag them to one of my event names in the event library. That event library contains the current photos on the time line too.

    I drop them on that event name, there is a red circle with the number of photos to transfer and also the green plus sign, they seem to "sink in" to the event, but when I search for them in the event browser, nothing. Ive used the search function and the scroll bar to go through all the photos and dates. nothing there.

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    Can you post a screen shot of the event browser.

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    Ive placed an unlisted youtube link here, its a bit slow as this latest mac pro can`t seem to handle 2 functions at once, (dragging some files, or moving a slider and recording the screen) and its quite sluggish to respond immediately when dragging sliders to scroll files or clicking on event names, the system freezes up intermittently on the mac pro.

    I think it will work best on the desktop.


    you can see by the screen recording I have dragged the files to the event name, and attempted to release them on there, they seem to go but never show in the search or any other location in FCPX.



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    i`d also like to be able to drag a whole album into the events library and have its album name show in the events browser. And have its album name listed as a keyword collection on importing to events browser from the photo browser.

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    Have you tried to do this before? What are the original file names, not fireworks etc, but the original camera names they were imported under? That's what FCP will see as the file names. If you keep dragging the same file into the event browser it will appear to add it, but it will not add duplicates. It can't add a file with the same name into the Original Media folder.

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    I batch renamed a bunch in iphoto prior to using the photo browser in FCPX, lucky the previous photos before it in the same album clue to the next numbers of the changed file names, there were a lot of photos 8000 plus,


    Yes it seems FCPX is able to read the original imported name of the photo and even though I renamed the file, it is actually imported with the original name DSC01601, 02,03 ETC.  that makes sense, it prevents duplicates, but it doesn`t let me import meaningful names from my iphoto library (which is why I renamed them in the first place).


    Does this mean if I keep importing photos from different memory cards, they all start counting up from 1 in effect, each list the photos with identical counting methods DSC0001, DSC0002 etc, so eventually on importing to FCPX from iphoto, even though I batch rename them, its going to duplicate the original numbering sequence (file names) at some point as my event library grows & continuously block my imports ? perhaps an option in preferences/import to override original file names with new filenames in iphoto?


    At this point does this mean that no matter what I rename a photo in iphoto its always going to go back to the original name the photo was imported into iphoto as once in FCPX,? appears to be that way.


    I`ve noticed importing an iphoto "event"  brings in the new file names


    (i`d like to see an option to sync between events in fcpx and iphoto, adding or deleting or renaming photos in either iphoto or fcpx event will update the other, and if deleting a photo from an event that is synced between fcpx and iphoto, having a warning message if the photo or clip is currently in the storyline of a project)


    I import a lot of photos into fcpx for stop motion and time lapse.

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    Use feedback in the FCP menu to make a feature request.

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    Thanks Tom.


    I will put through that request via the FCP menu,

    1. import batch renamed photos from iphoto plus events. and ability to edit those names in fcpx.

    2. don`t break up events into dated subsections, I prefer them in one batch. it makes for easier scrolling through in the event browser instead of opening each date drop down. (I have them in one event for a reason)

    3. sync iphoto <> fcpx, so name changes in events albums will reflect across between programs (as optional) with warning dialog if that clip or photo is being deleted from either program while in a project and the name of that project.

    4. Open a selection of clips in motion, add effects and save and have this reflect in the fcpx footage in time line.