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Since I updated the iPhoto app, it crashes constantly.  I took my MBP to a ASP (I do not have an Apple store in the area I live) and they said something about having multiple iPhoto libraries.  However, I can only find 1 library so I am really not sure what the technician meant.  Can anyone help?



I also read on the other threads that the photo count for the FB albums are not showing up properly.  Is there a new update that solve the issue yet?

MacBook Pro (13-inch Late 2011)
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    Remember: we cannot see your machine. There are 9 different versions of iPhoto and they run on 8 different versions of the Operating System. The tricks and tips for dealing with issues vary depending on the version of iPhoto and the version of the OS.  So to get help you need to give as much information as you can. Basic things like :



    - What version of iPhoto.

    - What version of the Operating System.

    - Details. As full a description of the problem as you can. For instance: 'iPhoto won't export' is best explained by describing how you are trying to export, and so on.

    - History: Is this going on long? Has anything been installed or deleted?

    - Are there error messages?

    - What steps have you tried already to solve the issue.

    - Anything unusual about your set up? Or how you use iPhoto?


    Anything else you can think of that might help someone understand the problem you have.

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    iPhoto version 9.4.2

    Operating System Mac OS X 10.7.5


    the problem:  it crashes unexpectedly - doesn't matter what I am doing, it just crash whenever it wants.  May it be when I am just trying to adjust the color saturation or simply enhancing a picture or trying to export something to Facebook or Flickr.  It just happens randomly, without notice.  Even the Problem Report simply says "iPhoto quit unexpectedly.


    Based on the report, the "interval since last report" was 58683 seconds and the "crashes since last report" is 4.  "Crashed thread" is 28.  Honestly, none of these numbers make sense to me and I don't know what I did that trigger the crashes.


    Not sure if it helps but my HD capacity is 750GB and I have already used 358GB, most of which are pictures.


    It keeps saying I have inconsistencies in my library after each crash and I had to click "repair" to avoid potential problems.  However, clicking "repair" did not defer further crashes so it is a viscious cycle for me since each repair takes almost 30 minutes.  (I wanted to say how many pictures I have currently on iPhoto but it's in another post-crash library repair mode...)


    I have taken the Mac to a ASP twice already since September (I bought the computer in January 2012) and I have the extended Apple Care.  I do intend to bring it to an Apple store for an inspection if the problem persist.


    Other than iPhoto, I spent most of my time on this computer on Safari surfing the web.  Not sure if there has anything to do with the repeated crashes. 


    I hope this additional information will help anyone out there to help solve my problem.  Sorry I didn't include this information prior but I was getting very frustrated and disappointed with my MBP.


    Thanks all!

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    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. (In Library Manager it's the FIle -> Rebuild command)



    This will create an entirely new library. It will then copy (or try to) your photos and all the associated metadata and versions to this new Library, and arrange it as close as it can to what you had in the damaged Library. It does this based on information it finds in the iPhoto sharing mechanism - but that means that things not shared won't be there, so no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your events, albums and keywords, faces and places back.



    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one.  

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    Photos for Mac

    Post the first 75 or so lines of the crash log please



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    How do I bring up the crash log?  iPhoto hasn't crash today so I can't post the log...