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hey guys. just wondering. i have purchased a 1TB external hard drive to use with my macbook pro as a time machine back up. i also want to back up files i have on a windows desktop. is this possible??

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012)
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    Time Machine performs best on it's Own Dedicated External Drive...


    Mac 101  Time Machine





    IMO... Better to get a seperate drive for the PC files.


    That way all your eggs are not in the one basket.

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    You can do it. Just create a second partition formatted on FAT with Disk Utility, so it will be read on Windows and you can copy files from Windows. The first partition must be formatted on Mac OS Extended (Journaled) to be used with Time Machine.


    To set up Time Machine, open System Preferences > Time Machine > Select Disk and select the external disk. The initial backup will start automatically after setting it up

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    How do you set up a second partition on the Time Machine for a windows PC?  I don't see how to do it based on (mende1) post.

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    It isn't a 2nd partition in Time Machine, but a 2nd partition on an external drive. Use Disk Utility.