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Norman Hovan Level 1 (35 points)


iMac 27" 3.2 GHz i3 (Model 11,3)

OS X 10.8.2


1 TB HD (70% capacity availabile)

All Apple Updates are current



Occasionally, when I wake my iMac from a sleep, the display is white with a visible black mouse cursor. When I move the mouse pointer around the display, it reveals the image behind the white screen one pixel at a time.

I've seen this on a MacBook Pro's running OS X 10.7.


Any assistance would be appreicated.

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), 27" 3.2 GHz i3
  • MH Holden Level 1 (10 points)

    I have just started to have similar situation with a just purchased a MBP Retina 8gig ram, and a 2.6ghz i7 cpu.

    This condition started after I had copied some image siles over from the old SL OSX machine and placed them into the piture folder fir use as a desktop background.

  • MH Holden Level 1 (10 points)


    Are you still having this problem? I seem to have solve my similar issue by resetting the screen background settings and desktops.

    Before I started to see the "whitescreen" I'd copied over some default backgrounds from OSX 10.6.8 and set them as a desktop background. I'd had to individually set the same image to 3 desktops. I don't recall if I'd left any applications running when the MBP went to sleep and logged me out.

    Assuming the "whitescreen" is some form of memory leak/corruption; I deleted the extra desktops and reset the background to a default OSX 10.8.2 solid color. Did a full power down of the machine and once restarted, let it go to sleep and log me out. Woke it up; no whitescreen: added a default Lion image, let it sleep. I repeated this process loading a copied 10.6.8 image; and then made three desktops, changed, added images to each desktop. So far, so good. Since I was "impatient", I'd cranked the sleep settings down to 1min so I don't know yet if there is a relationship between the whitescreen and sleep or log out delay time.

    Hope this helps or is even relevant.

  • MH Holden Level 1 (10 points)

    If you're still having this issue try the link below. Seems to have solve my problem.