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My Macbook Pro 15" i7 of early 2011 seems to have a major problem related to the logic board.


in a nutshell, in case you don't have time to read the details:

The computer stopped starting up after quite a few restarts, AHT, PRAM reset, safe boots, new RAM and new SSD. This all happened withing 3 days.

Apple service guys will look at it tomorrow, but they already said it's most likely logic board failure and will need replacement.


the long story:


symptoms I faced along the way:

- less than two weeks ago, screen started freezing forcing me to force-shut down.

- started repeating within hours, occasionally giving Kernel Panic message.

- within a day, frozen screens had several varieties which would either come after a few minutes of working or at startup: blue screen with vertical bars of different shade blue, or same with yellow tones, or the last seen screen with a couple inches of the of the right side of screen having shifted to the left side with a thick black bar in between the two (i could still move the mouse for a while but not able to click).

- started also having sessions where the computer would not start up at all (blue screen or gray screen with wheel turning)

- in between these steps I ran the computer on safe mode mostly successfully, did Apple Hardware Test 3 times with nothing wrong diagnosed (took 18 mins each), I did PRAM reset a few times too

- i tested these with different peripherals and power cable attached and not attached (normally i have a USB external and one or rarely two firewire drives attached for my video and photo work).


I realized that the computer would still be working after the freeze too. I use the MBPro to share internet for my iPhone and while it was frozen I still had internet.


I was following the suggestions on these forums to diagnose the problem.

Some suggested that it could be the RAM.


Coincidentally, the new 16 GB RAM that i had ordered came with the 246GB SSD just then.

As warranty ended already some months ago, I did the replacement with my dad who is an electrician and would know where to touch where not to.


The computer came back to life, super fast with the new SSD. I installed Mac OS X on it, set up the older HDD which I placed in place of the old DVD drive and started moving files around to configure my stysem.

after several hours the screen freezing came back again.

then after repeating the above steps of AHT (which took 2 hours), PRAM etc, it stopped starting up. It won't start anymore. Freezes in the early blue screen.


Just before new year's, I took it to Apple Service in a local store. They said they will have to look at it thoroughly after the 3rd (tomorrow). But the guy said the symptoms which I wrote above pretty much tell already that the logic board is dead.


Can it die in a slow manner like this?

It will cost me at least 750$ and I am not even sure if shipment and labor is included in this (I live in Cyprus). This is a very expensive price to pay for a relatively new machine for which I already paid over $2000 when I bought it 18 months ago.

I read Apple has a tendency to call all such symptoms a 'dead logic board' and just rip people off unfairly. I am aware this was mostly for 2007 and 2008 models but I worry they would still do it. I just spent my savings for the SSD and new RAM. So this is a major bummer.


What would you all suggest for me to try? How should I talk to the Apple Service guys?
is it better to just sell this 'as is' and try to get a new or properly working pre-owned one?


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    seems like I wrote too long and no-one bothered to read and reply


    well, in case someone comes around, here is an update:



    I handed in my MBP to the authorized service center.


    Not exactly sure what tests they ran, but they could not tell me the problem or what caused it. They said they took apart the whole board connections and re-installed it all.


    They added that, this was not a repair but rather a full re-installation which apparently is different (no new warranty was mentioned).


    eventually, after a few hours' use, I had already two screen freeze/forced shut down issues.

    If it persists, they said they will quote me logic board prices for my serial number.


    i am now checking to see if it can be something other than logic board, or if it's a known issue of this model.

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    seems like I wrote too long and no-one bothered to read and reply


    Sometimes some posts just seem to slip through the cracks... if you're taking your machine to an Apple Authorized Service Provider, and they simply 'reconnected' the logic board and you're still having problems, it sounds as if you need to get the logic board replaced. Since you're out of warranty and you, apparently didn't purchase the AppleCare extended warranty, the repair folks will charge you for a logic board replacement.


    $750 sounds a little steep, but if that's what it costs then it doesn't seem as if you've an alternative but to pay the price. I don't know about Cyprus, but I do know that in the US there is an Apple flat rate repair pricing scheme in which Apple will repair anything on the machine for less than $350. You might want to look at the article and ask one of the managers about this program and whether or not you could get the 'deal'.


    Good luck - sorry that you're having such a bad experience. Just let it be a lesson to always purchase AppleCare - particularly with Apple notebooks.



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    clintonfrombirmingham, thanks for the reply.


    You gave me some hope actually. I had a chat session with a UK Apple pre-sales person who later put me in touch with Apple UK service people (not sure how central they were)... The former said flat rate was not valid for Macs and the latter did not even know about it.

    I mentioned the examples I found here. They still insisted that there was nothing like that in Cyprus or in the UK.


    Final verdict was same: take it to local authorized service and get them replace the logic board and pay it all. IF in the future Mac finds out this is a fault of their system, I will be contacted for reimbursement (yeah, not much hope on that one there).

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    seems like a similar problem is affecting many other people with 15 and 17" MBPs ffrom early 2011: