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Hi there,


I know that this question has been aksed already, but I still can't find a solution to my problem.


I have followed these instructions:

"Boot from the original OS installer disk and do an Erase & Install.


When the Mac reboots into Mac Setup Assistant Quit and shut it down.


When the New Owner Boots it up it's a brand new Mac... just like when you got it."

Which went perfectly fine.


It's just that now, I the disk is still inside the Mac, and I need to get it out and put it back in the case. The eject button has no affect wen veiwing the setup, and I don't want to enter my Apple ID to return to the desktop to install it... Unless there's a way to remove my Apple ID once I've set it up to get the disk out?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)