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I'm working with my iMac PPC G5, PowerMac8,2, 2 GHz machine running OS X 10.4.11, and was having a problem for a while with the machine shutting down unexpectedly. There was no clear pattern to when it was shutting down as far as I could tell. For a while, it would also not restart when buttoned on.


I set the machine aside for a while, probably a month or more, and then got it back out after its rustication. It started up and runs significantly better than it had been, but I have noticed it shutting down sometimes now again, though not as frequently as before. Sometimes it runs for a good long time between active work, sleep mode, and active work again. Once in a while it does shut down when no one is working on it (while asleep). But now it always restarts when buttoned on.


I've done the thorough vacuuming of any dust from the unit vents. I wonder if there's anything else I should try. In most other ways the machine works pretty well and has become the family desktop for basic uses, so I'd like to keep it running if I can. A little frustrating to not be able to upgrade all programs (iTunes) to useable versions, but that's another story....


I would appreciate any ideas about the shut down problem.



iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.11)