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I tried the reset several times but there is never a second start up sound! I really tried specifically holding command - option (alt)- and P and R-before the grey secreen came up--- no second start up sound. Any clue? This is an IMAC ... I was given the advice to do the reset and NVRAM and PRAM reset as I have severe problems with my intelsat 27 inch  IMAC - it loses the WLAN connection all the time. is really slow. loses passwords in the keychain all the time and I have 10 days left for the apple protection plan and I am getting pretty annoyed with all the instructions that are not even working... any advice?

  • KarenSelena Level 4 (1,960 points)

    Go to the apple, and select "shut down" computer.  When it is totally off, press and release the power key, then IMMEDIATELY go to the "command/option/P/R" keys and hold them down.  You must keep them held down the entire time the computer restarts, only releasing when you hear the second chime.

  • Kappy Level 10 (265,858 points)

    Resetting your Mac's PRAM and NVRAM.


    It is highly unlikely that whatever problem you are having would be fixed by resetting the PRAM. What's taking you so long to take it in for service?

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    The heavy computer and as I am having bluetooth troubles as well as I starting to think I did something wrong. Issue of PRAM restart was solved by fixing the bluetooth connection to the keyboard that happens all the time so I paired it again (for the 100th time), But you are right - I am going there tomorrow. This is taking too much time and if it is my fault I am getting rid of this IMAC for good. No internet on a stable level, no bluetooth connection on a stable level, passwords getting lost... if this is MAC OS 1.6 - I am saying good bye to Apple. 10.8 is not guaranteed to work for some of important  programs... so updating is not an option for me at the moment. Thanks for kicking me!