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I've asked this question before, but did not receive satisfactory answers, so I'm hoping this time around someone will hit the nail on the head.


I have prepared a report that has a title page followed by several pages of text.  I want to number the pages beginning with the first page of text.  I do not want the title page to have a number.  In other words, the first page after the title page will be page 1.


When I go to the Insert menu and pull down Auto Page Numbers, and uncheck "inlude page number on first page," the first page -- i.e., the title page -- does not, indeed, have a number.  The problem is that the first page of text is page number 2.  I want the first page of text to be page number 1.


Some suggested to insert a new section after the title page, then go to Inspector, select Section, check "First page is different," click on the first page of text and then insert page numbers.  Inserting a section break after the title page produces a blank page after the title page, and when I delete that blank page, the first page of text is then numbered page 2.


Does someone know a reliable method to begin numbering pages with the second page as page 1?

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