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Dear Sir / Madam

i bought a apple store card 2 days ago to buy some apps from apple store . the card # is

I set it to my ipad and bought 4 apps.it asked me for apple id and i use @yahoo.com as an apple id.after that i found that a paid for those apps 2 times , once through apple store card that i have bought and another one from my credit card that it has set to my apple id . now i want to use rest of the money in the apple card with another apple id and i want to ask cancel the charge of my credit card.you can reoly me to@yahoo.com.

thanks for your support


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    You should not leave your card number on a public forum, or your e-mail


    Now anyone can get it.


    We are all itunes users just like you.


    You are not addressing Apple here at all.

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    If you have been charged twice for a purchase, go here:


    iTunes Support


    and follow the instructions to report the issue to the iTunes Store.


    As to the second part of your query, transfer of a credit balance from one iTunes Store account to another one is not possible.