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Somehow my phone battery started draining it was working fine for the last two weeks since I updated to 6.0.2 it all gone down hill with battery life.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2, 6.0.2 battery
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    I am getting very acceptable battery life from my new iPhone 5 running 6.0.2 - 2 days per charge minimum.  The key (as it has been for a few years) is to close inactive applications that use location services.  There is a short delay in opening these power hungry apps when you want them, but that is more than compensated for in not having to worry about running out of battery power.


    Maps are the worst battery drainers and navigating from place to place will burn power rapidly.  I use a car charger during navigation. Some apps have been worse than other - Groupon was bad at first, and Cyclemeter or MapMyRide (fitness apps) will drain the battery even when not active.  I leave Safari running full time without problem.  Some apps are more efficient than others so I suggest experimenting.


    To close applications double click to launch the app switcher, press and hold any application until they all jiggle, then touch the red close button of the apps you don't want running.


    Hope this helps!