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This is a HUGE problem for me.  I don't know what setting I change to ull my facebook friend info into my icloud contacts files on all devices, but I want to reverse it and make them gone!!!!  GONE I say.  If someone thought this was a good idea and it was a universal update, they must have been on LSD.  I DO NOT want to look at the names of every person I've ever known when looking for critical numbers to do the business of my, home and family.  That obscure person I saw at the the last high school reunion is just clogging up my contacts database and wasting my time.  WASTING MY that what you want to do apple?  Stop changing things just to make them different!  If it aint broke, DON't fix it!  PLEASE!  Ever since Mountain LIon came out I am increasingly annoyed by these nuisance matters that demand my time energy and attention.


So, now that I have voiced my frustration, how do I get these facebook names OUT of my icloud contacts!  You tell us how to bring them in, but no where that I can find, how to get them out.  It's time to clear this up in a simple, easy to follow set of instructions.  Start with, do I do it on my imac or on my iphone, since I suspect it was an iphone setting that caused the problem.


I see no setting on the iphone to reverse this problem.  Please direct me.

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