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i cant figure Notes syncing out.


i have an iPhone and a mac air.  when i make a Note on my mac it will sync over to the iPhone Notes app.


however, at the same time as i create the note on my mac, my @mac.com account is sending an email which is delivered to my mac.  if i delete that email then the Note also is deleted.


i realize that IMAP is server based and when an email (or therefore also a Note??) is deleted then it is deleted from the server and therefore should disappar. but this behaviour only just began to occur when i had to delete and re-create my iCloud account.


Mail is also working in a similar but unusual way as above: my Mail that is addressed to my @mac.com account will be downloaded to both my mac and my iPhone but there is something in the way that it set up that is telling the server to delete the email from my iPhone when it is downloaded to my mac so the @mac.com email disappears automatically from the iPhone (initially downloaded then just is deleted automatically when it is downloaded to the mac).


both these behavoirs are driving me crazy...


how to recreate iCloud account without these behvavoirs? i have repeatedly deleated and re-created the iCloud @mac.com account but same thing happens...



MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iPhone 5, Time Capsule 1TB