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Sorry if I post in the wrong thread.

As the title say When Apple will fix battery drain on iPhone 5?

The powerful machine is depleting the battery 1% for every 2-3 minutes of light browsing or even reading an article. Is this battery performance as expected by Apple? There are Wi-Fi fix and DND fix coming up but why not battery fix? I don't see why this is a least importance issue compare to the other?

iPhone 5, iOS 6.0.2
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    I had that problem. Wiping the phone and setting up from scratch, rather than restoring from my iPhone 4 backup, seems to have solved it. Was boring setting it back up again though.

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    I've tried them all. But it makes no difference.

    Most of the major features of a smartphone have been turned off yet the battery is hardly survive long enough. Will Apple consider the battery is somewhat something important? Cause to me it is a mobile phone and the feature there is for you to use them.