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What would cause an iPhone to self destruct? Was charging my iPhone 3GS and noticed screen had dark spots and it was getting hotter so removed charger and shortly screen seemed to pop out and seems to have warped out of its case!!!!! I had not used it for about a month as I have a iPhone 4  so my other phone was in a drawer. My Nokia N95 which was replaced by the now defunct self destructing iPhone is still in perfect working condition

iPhone 3GS
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    Battery shorted out due to faulty battery, or iPhone problem that shorted battery. Carefully put iPhone into plactic bag so it does not harm anyone. If you decide to take to Apple for replacement iPhone 3GS it will cost $149.

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    Thank you for advice (sorry for late response new year trying to accept going back to reality)


    After my message phone continued to warp out of tits case even when off. I still have my iphone 4S so will not get a replacement. Qesution mark if next phone will be iphone.Think will stick to Macs have not let me down so far