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i got a new Macbook pro for Christmas.  I wasn't thinking and it told me a bunch of stuff needed to be updated.  So i thought sure.  One of those is iphoto.  during the 3 hour download it had an error.  so i had it start updating again.  during that time i started reading the reviews saying the update is horrible and it causes lots of problems.  so i have since paused my upload but i don't know how to cancel it.  when i open up iphoto it won't read my photos from a memory card since it is currenlty being updated.  I need to cancel this update unless many of you tell me the reviews are wrong....  i can pause it but i don't see anywhere to actually stop it.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    You can not "cancel" an update that is in process - specifically what are you concerned aobut - all of the experianced users here are on the lateste version of iphoto - 9.4.2 - it is fine



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    i just read the reviews in the app store and it scared me that it is at 3 stars and so many of the newer reviews advise against updating to the newer version.  They are saying there are many bugs and it crashes a lot so it concerns me.  but maybe i'll do it.  i'm just hoping that some more people can chime in saying it's working for them so i know that maybe it's just the complainers writing reviews on the app store and everyone else is working fine so they are not commenting.

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    People who are unhappy are more inclined to leave comments than people who aren't. Also, you have no way of knowing how knowledgeable the people commenting are. Is the issue with iPhoto? Or some local issue on their Mac? FWIW I've used it since release with no issue.


    As with any software, always backup before updating.






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    I am having a similar issue. I use Picasa for Mac, and accidentally hit "Update All" only to see a 1.15GB update for iPhoto start out. I have paused it as I don't need this update/don't use the software.


    Would like to understand how to stop the update, or if I cannot do that, then what implication is there for a permanently paused update. Else, should I download the update and then uninstall iPhoto altogether?



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    That's a question for the Software Update mechanism you use. The App Store? Contact App Store support. There's a link on the right hand side of the App Store Window.

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    Thanks Terence. Tried that - impossible to find an email address to write in to them!