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Trying to get my laptop pc with Windows 7 to recognize my iPad mini on iTunes v11.  Actually, trying to get it recognized by my pc at all.  It shows up as an Unkown Device when i plug it in, as well as in my Device Manager.  I've gone through Apple's online Troubleshooting guide (http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538), but when I click Hardware IDs in the Devices tab as requested, it shows up as Unrecognized (USB/UNKNOWN) still -- the Troubleshooting guide does not adress this scenario.  I've been connecting it to several funcitoning USB ports (that recognize my iPhone 4S just fine) via the "lighting" cable that came with the iPad mini, with the same result.


This is a very simple Windows 7 laptop so it strikes me as very odd that this wouldn't work simply.  I've checked around the net and seen people with similar dilemmas without any known solution yet, as far as I can tell.  Please advise, Thanks.

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