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I want to backup my 4S. Last was in November and I have things since that I don't want to lose (text messages, notes, appointments and contacts).


I have tried every. single. thing. apple. suggests. Scoured net looking for other suggestions. They don't work either.

Whatever I try, it runs a few steps then says "iTunes could not backup the iPhone because an error occurred"


Phone iOS 6.0.1

MacbookPro OS X 10.6.8


On phone:

Deleted all apps.

Deleted all music.

Even deleted all music on iTunes downloaded since last successful backup in case there was a corrupted song.

Macbook pro up to date.

iOS on phone up to date - updated it through wifi.
iTunes up to date.

Antivirus up to date.

Time/date both auto.

Reset computer.

Reset phone.

Used different cable (not that I think that would've done anything anyway)


Won't backup to iCloud.

Won't backup to another computer.

Won't let me encrypt backup (it wasn't previously)


Wiping it completely might help but as I said, I want the data from the last month!! If restoring must be done, is there any way I can retrieve the data?


May not want to wipe it but I tell you I'm damned near ready to break it...



iPhone 4S, iOS 6.0.1
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