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Hi all,


I have a MOTU PCI-e 424 with a 2408 MK3 and a 24I/O. I use the 2408 for FX send and returns to my real ouitboard FX and it works a treat.


I have my 24I/O running synths and modules into Logic. I normally use the Logic "external Intstrument" plugin to do this and it works well.


I do not use MOTU CueMix at all. I monitor and record directly through Logic with all channels muted in CueMix (or I get double-trouble monitoring issues and it just gets confusing)


I have just received an Alesis I/O iPad Dock for xmas (lucky me :D )

I want to use it within Logic to run NLog, Animoog etc, so I have set up an Aux/Bus input with the input from the pair on the 24I/O that the docks outputs are plugged into. The dock has a standard set of 1/4" trs jack stereo pair outputs, same as most of my synths. Straight-forward setup.


My issue is this:


When I mute the iPad channel strip in Logic I still get the audio from the iPad coming out the main outputs (outputs 1+2/Main outs - directly connected to a pair of Genelec 1030A's)


This is not right! Is my 24I/O broken? When I mute any of the synth inputs, they stay muted.


Any ideas?


Many thanks and happy new year!



Logic Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.5), MacPro 4,1 dual 2.2 16Gb RAM
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    -Do you have Direct Monitoring on the Alesis set to off?


    -Mute the Aux tied to the Alesis Main outs.


    -Are you sure Cuemix isn't somehow involved?

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    Hi there,


    Yes I do have it turned off. I've tried everything. It is the muting of the Alesis main outs that's not working..It still comes out of the main out bus in Logic.


    I have the Alesis outputs set up as an input-based bus aux. Just as if it was an incoming instrument. Is this wrong? As I'm not recording audio from it per say, only MIDI synths, it is just like using "external instrument" without the mute issues (see below)


    I tried creating external instruments for each seperate ipad-based synth I was using but as they all return from the same inputs, muting a track/channel strip with mutes was an issue (it muted all incoming audio from the iPad) so to get around that I just created individual MID instruments in the environment pointing to the various MIDI ports, and a single input return from the iPad..


    Now I can just mute the individual MIDI tracks in a given session and it's fine. It is in fact pretty amazing being able to run NLog Pro, Animoog and iPolysix (althogh it has poor MIDI imp) together is pretty amazing coming out of that little tablet..NLog and Animoog hold theor own with my own real analog, and as it's a nice hot signal, not a plugin, they sound fat as


    Anyway, back to the issue: Last night I wanted to watch a tutorial while working so just loaded it up on the iPad while in Logic, went to do something in the DAW and muted the iPad input aux and the iPad sound was still coming through the main outputs.


    Nothing I do will stop it (I can even delete the input aux bus!)


    Thanks for replying


    sorry, just saw your edit - I have all channels muted in CueMix. When Logic is closed it all works fine through CueMix (i.e I can mute the individual inpuyts and they mute) so I'm leaning toward it being some weird audio routing issue in Logic

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    Do you have an audio channel strip somewhere in the project with the inputs set to the inputs the Alesis is plugged into?

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    Not so far..I've not looked in the all objects layer yet..Been doing some DIY ..I bet there's something somewhere..I'll have a look and report back

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    Good call. It was my MKS-70 input channel strip. Somehow it had re-assigned itself to the dock inputs (I think when i enabled a pair in the MOTU software it "shunted" that pair up or whatever.. and because I'm using the external Instrument plug, there's no obvious display of the inputs unless you open the ext inst object in the channel strip. Something for Logic X perhaps? Hover over a channel strip and get quick info?


    Thanks for the heads-up



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    Nice to see someone using external gear... I still have a couple of JV-1080's, Korg M3r, Alesis QS-8, Yamaha TG55... my Yamaha SY-77 died a over a year ago, I miss it.

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    Yes, we're a dying breed - well, actually that's BS..all of my music-making mates still use outboard but they have studios - we're all old LOL..the new wave all use plugins..


    I've still got and use a shedload of gear..I had a braincloud a couple of year back and somehow imagined I could do without all of my outboard so I sold an Oberheim OB-8. Korg DW8000 (just bought it back) an MKS-50 and PG300, a Novation, a couple of Roland reverbs, a K2000R, etc...I also sold my desk


    I kept an Eventide DSP4000 (why wouldn't you! best fx unit I ever had) an MKS-50 with PG800 (do you know about ctrlr? ctrlr.org) a fully loaded JV2080, a Korg Prophecy, an R8M, a couple of 3d Roland fx (SDE and SDX) and an Obie 6R..(and an EM-U e6400 ultra which I don't use anymore, but rocked it back in the day - best filters on any sampler I've used, including the early EMAX's)


    I love them all...There is nothing like a proper, hot +4dB signal coming into Logic and out of my Genelecs, even through the MOTU at 48khz..I'm about to get an Allen & Heath GS3 (same mixer I sold LOL) as I just can't beat the sonic excellence of this gear..Going for full dynamic range..Back to the old school


    Some plugins are great, don't get me wrong..I love some of the Arturia analog stuff and also the NI stuff but even on my rig it canes my CPU's if I load up a few of them and then buss them off to a heavy reverb or something..They just don't sound like real analog gear..I don't care what anyone says..The approximate it very well, but it aint the same..


    Also, I like being able to buss off to real outboard..The latency is pretty good (c. 35 samples for the Rolands and c. 130 for the Eventide, which, if you know what it can make a sound do is pretty good) I want a couple of really good outboard EQ's and comps/limiters as well...


    I nearly went and bought PT! Imagine....