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I downloaded this app back in November because of my new transfer to a MacBook Pro from a Windows PC.



It worked fine back in November but now I am trying to back up my files and I cannot access anything in my hard drive.  What do I do? 

I have already redownloaded the NTFS software.  I am not too computer savvy can I get any help please? Screen shot 2013-01-03 at 10.52.17 AM.png

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    My suggestion is reformat the disk to HTS+, the preferred file system for Mac, instead of NTFS, the preferred file system for Windows.


    You will find that the Mac works much better when you change the file system to the one it prefers. This is especially true if the external disk is used for backups.


    Backup any data first because the reformat will wipe everything off of the drive.



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    Thank you for your response.

    So I basically bought this software for nothing?

    I would need to backup my backup?

    I figure that when I go into Time Machine and reformat the disk the way Mac wants this is what will work and turn into HTS+?


    Any other suggestions so that this Paragon NTFS software wasn't a waste of money?

    I also can't backup my backup because I don't have another computer.


    Any other suggestions?

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    I am sorry to say that it very well might be. Chalk it up to a learning experience. Even with Paragon to allow writing to NTFS there are still dificulties with some applications that use features of HFS+ to do their magic. How are you backup up to that disk currently? Time Machine is known to have problem with NTFS.


    My backup plan, rather then backing up a backup, is to do two backups using different software for each. One backup is done with Time Machine and the other is done with SuperDuper.


    Since the SuperDuper backup is a bootable clone of my system disk, that allows me to recover my Mac by rebooting from it. So that I am able to continue in case of a disk failure very rapidly.


    The Time Machine backup is good for recovery of files when I need to do that.


    Either one can be used to do the same functions as the other except that it would be a little slower.


    I like the idea of using different software for each since I think that gives me additional protection.



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    I put all my files off my Windows onto the hard drive using the PC.  Then I bought Paragon software for my new Mac and just transfered all the hard drive files from the PC onto my new Mac a couple months ago.


    Now I am just trying to update my hard drive with all my files on my Mac and the hard drive is saying it is "read only."  I was able to work with the hard drive before why not now??

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    If all you are doing is copying your files to the disks and you never intend to copy any of the application libraries or use Time Machine to do backups to the NTFS disk that may work. IMHO work in an extremely limited fashion.


    I would suggest if you don't wish to reformat the disk that you check to make sure the Paragon software you have for writng to NTFS is the most current version. Hopeful there is an updated version to account for the changes included with Mountain Lion.