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When I plugged in my iPod today, an error came up which said 'Some of the items in the iTunes library, including "Six Feet Under The Stars (Acoustic)", were not copied to the iPod "nico" because they cannot be played on this iPod'.

After checking, my iPod has nothing on it at all- all my music has been completely wiped off of it, yet it's still all there in my iTunes library. I tried to sync it again but the same error comes up, even when I tried to manually sync it. I've made sure that 'Sync Music' and 'Entire music library' is checked in the Music tab several times yet nothing is working.

I have an iPod nano, generation 5, 8gb if that's useful information. This has never happened before and I have looked around for help regarding this situation but I can't find anything. Please help?

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