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Mac OS X

When I download photos/movies from devies to iPhoto it puts them into an Event.


Is there a quick way to identifying the movies so that I can remove them from the Event and create a new Event? (as I store my movie files separately to my photos).


With devices, such as my camera, where photos are named differently to movies, I can sort the Event by name and then easily cut and paste but Apple devices tend to use the same sequential naming convention, so I can't easily separate them.  I can see the movies by creating a smart album but that doesn't apply me to cut them from the Event itself.


Any ideas?


Thank you.

Reply by Terence Devlin on Jan 3, 2013 7:36 AM Helpful

Just tyoe movie into the search box or use a Smart Album.

Reply by Terence Devlin on Apr 3, 2013 4:35 AM Helpful

I believe there is a bug in the current version that fails to tag Movies automatically on import. So, there's no "movie" (or 'video") keyword to be found.




Now that you have all the movies, flag them and then go Events -> New Event from Flagged Photos






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